Desert Rat Forge

Other Stuff


Door knocker




This is a garden bell with a lovely tone that also holds a candle.





4in jingle bell



This botanical form gives the homeowners a place to hang their robes
& towels when they use their hot tub.




4ft by 8ft etched steel picture frame

Colored pencil drawing by Dick Mueller




Mask Stand




Knife Stand


Etched mountain & forged sun with glass insert.


Etched steel post straps & roof trip strip.

Luggage cart - Carefree Resort

Client wanted a mailbox to fit their existing horse sculpture.


Iron & wood bell bracket.   Bell is held in place with RR spike.

The heavy pitted texture on the steel and the old weathered wood beam give this new installation a very old feel.



Bar foot rail

Outdoor pizza oven door with twisted handle.




Wagon wheel pot stand.


Steak branding iron.


Hoof pick


Window guards from RR spikes.


Donation box for Friends of Pinnacle Peak Park.


Letter openers.


Countertop brace with hammered copper insert.

Gates, Railings & Fences




Lights & Lamps

Cabinet & Door Handles


Fireplace Stuff



Other Stuff

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