Desert Rat Forge
Gates, Railings & Fences

Peep hole - closed

Peep hole - open


Handle & lock













Inside latch

Outside latch

1 rivet in each row is copper













Mountain with ocotillo.


Balcony railing of tapered RR spikes thru 2x1/2 top rail.

Detail of corner joinery.



Courtyard gate with detail of Burro Head latch.


TreeHouse Gate

Detail of Owl in Cactus panel.


Garden gate.


RisingSun Motessori rolling gate.


Driveway gate - hinge is on left.


Sampler Fence








Rebar gate & fence.


This gate rotates on a horizontal hinge.  A regularly hinged gate would have
interfered with the small retail space and the stairs.

The gate is counterweighted so it swings up easily and
stays open until pulled down.


Riveted strap iron gate for a backyard pool area.
The arch shown is part of a massive faux rock mountain
that includes a built in water slide and BBQ.

Detail of riveted strap & RR spike latch.



Even a pool fence can be creative!



95ft long entrance bridge to Andrea & Patrick's house.

Close-up of the bell.

Built in bench.

The ground under and around the bridge was not disturbed during construction.

Gates, Railings & Fences




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